Israeli IMI System Special Programs

Israeli IMI System Special Programs

Israeli IMI System Special Programs

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Only for the Best

Instructor Training

Our instructor course is open to everyone who wants to teach Krav Maga as well as those who want to take an intensive course and obtain an equivalent technical level (G1) without engaging themselves in the profession.




The training lasts 28 days and will be given over 2 years as follows:

- The first part: 9 days with 10 hours of training a day
- The second part: 9 days with 10 hours of training a day
- In between: 4 mandatory weekends
- One weekend for the final test

The curriculum to become an IIS Krav Maga instructor is one of the longest and most serious in the Krav Maga world.

After the first part the student will have the status of "student-instructor". They can start teaching and will be observed throughout the year. They will have to participate in 4 weekend instructor renewals and will have to attend the second part of the course. They will also have to successfully complete a final exam in order to validate their IIS Krav Maga diploma.

To join our IIS Krav Maga Instructor training program, the candidate must meet the following terms:

  • Submit a written description of your motives to become an instructor as well as your plans (city, time frame, etc.)
  • Possess a minimum of 4 years experience in a combat system such as boxing or kick-boxing or any other that implies a solid punching/kicking technique or having practiced IIS Krav Maga
  • Be in good physical shape
  • Supply at least one recommendation from a sports and/or martial arts teacher, or, from a law enforcement officer
  • The candidate must be supported by the local instructor (if there is none, by the national instructor)
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Conduct an interview with the local or national instructor
  • Possess teaching experience (an asset, not mandatory)
  • Possess the financial resources to pay for the training
  • Have personal insurance
  • Be over 30 years old

Upon completion of the training program, participants who will have succeeded will receive an IIS Krav Maga instructor diploma as well as a G1 diploma (Ranked, Level 1).

Instructor renewals will be conducted by Thierry Cimkauskas and are mandatory courses that allow instructors to maintain a superior level. They will be held several times a year, on week-ends. During these courses, instructors will be shown updated techniques, taught new techniques and be allowed to perfect some which where previously known.

In general, instructors will be tested at the end of each course and given a new rank.

Training Cost

1st part (9 days): 1,600 CAD$ + tax or 1,400 CAD$ + tax for the instructor level (G1)

2nd part (9 days): 1,600 CAD$ + tax or 1,400 CAD$ + tax for the instructor level (G1)

Weekend renewals (2 days): 300 CAD$ + tax

Course dates

1st part (9 days): Saturday July 23rd 2016 to Sunday July 31st inclusively

2nd part (9 days): Saturday July 22nd 2017 to Sunday July 30 inclusively

Weekend renewals: To be determined

Civilian Training

Civilians are unfortunately victims of more and more violent agressions through the world. They have become the priviledged target of terrorits because they have the most impact on the media.

Krav Maga, originally a military method, was considered a defense secret until 1964, after which it was adapted for civilians, police, bodyguards, secret service and special units.

Krav Maga is currently the most widespread self-defense method in the world because its techniques and strategies have proven themselves in real-life situations and can be learned rapidly.

The Krav Maga program for civilians is very complete. It contains over 600 basic techniques that allow practitioners to face assailants in the most efficient way possible, in every situation.

Our classes for civilians are open to everyone who wants to learn to defend themselves while improving their physical condition.

Regular, private and semi-private classes are offered all year long.

Our instructors, all certified and supervised by international expert Thierry Cimkauskas offer a high-level Krav Maga program.

Please consult our website to learn more about our schools and schedule. You can come at anytime and discover Krav Maga by taking part in a trial class (20$).

(418) 540 - 1813

(514) 830-1633

(450) 260-5191

(514) 692-3235


5445 de Gaspé, suite 705, H2T 3B2, Montréal, Québec

T: (514) 967 - 2543

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Dollard des Ormeaux

4230 Blvd.St-Jean, H9H 3X4, Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec

T: (514) 692 - 3235

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Private courses only. Please contact the instructor for further details.


1151 rue Piette, J6E 3V7, Joliette, Québec

T: (450) 760 - 7327

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BABIN Jean-François

Rank: G1

T: (514) 830-1633



Rank: G1

T: (514) 692-3235


2175 Boulevard Mellon, G7S 3G4, Saguenay, Québec

T: (418) 376 - 5450

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Rank: G1

T: (418) 540 - 1813


506-A Lanaudière,J6A 8G5, Repentigny, Québec

T: (514) 830 - 1633

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750 Côte de la Pente Douce, local 105, Ville de Québec, Québec

T: (418) 524-9096

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