Thierry Cimkauskas - International Expert

In the early 80's, Thierry traveled to Israel with "friends" to discover Krav Maga, which was gaining much recognition in Europe at the time. While there, he trained with military experts such as Gabi Shai and others in different places like the Wingate Institute.

After returning to France, Thierry continued his training and worked in the security and personal protection fields. Through his experiences and the loss of several colleagues, he became aware of the lack of specialized training in his occupational community. As such, he pursued Krav Maga with increased vigour throughout specialized VIP and counter-terrorism seminars held in Israel.

After completing these courses Thierry was able to put into practice what he learned by taking an active part in many VIP protection missions (political, private and military) in the execution of his duties.

In 1997 Thierry met Philippe Kaddouch (EIKM- Ecole Internationale de Krav Maga Chief Instructor) and liked his pragmatic and efficient approach. Several intense months of training ensued which culminated in his graduation to as a self defence instructor in front of Eyal Yanilov (IKMF - International Krav Maga Federation, current Head Instructor) and Philippe Kaddouch. Shortly thereafter he opened several Krav Maga - IMI System training centers in Paris and actively contributed to the development of the system. In order to keep his skills sharp, Thierry continued his intensive training by participating in instructor seminars given throughout Europe and Israel and became certified by the IKMF to provide VIP Protection and Law Enforcement training.

In 2003, Thierry obtained his International Expert Diploma at the IKMF headquarters in Natanya, Israel before the likes of Gabi Noah, Eli Ben-Ami and Avi Moyal (Experts and founding members of IKMF). After training over 3000 students (civilians, law enforcement officials, soldiers and security staff) in and around Paris, Thierry immigrated to Canada in July 2005 to continue developing Krav Maga - IMI System for civilians and professionals and opened the first official Israeli IMI System School in Quebec.

In 2007, Thierry trained actor Brendan Fraser while "The Mummy 3" was being filmed in Montreal.

In 2009, Ubisoft, a world leader in video game design, contracted Thierry's services for the motion capture of the hand to hand fighting techniques of Sam Fisher in the upcoming sequel in the Splinter Cell franchise, Splinter Cell: Conviction.

In this game Sam Fisher will be using Krav Maga to neutralize his opponents.